Xerox Mountaineering & Backpacking Club

Big Pine Creek Backpack 14-16 July 1989

"The Palisades - a cluster of jagged 13,000 and 14,000 foot peaks with glaciers clinging to their north faces - loom in mighty fashion above the seven Big Pine Lakes, making this region the most impressively alpine in all the Sierra Nevada. The mountains here "look as mountains should" and are favored by rock climbers, hikers and camera enthusiasts alike. This delightful trail visits these lakes and gives the traveler a closeup view of what are undoubtedly the boldest mountains in California."

From: "High Sierra Hiking Guide #10, Mt Goddard", John Robinson

This will be a moderately strenuous, 3 day backpack on the eastern side of the Sierra, directly west of the small town of Big Pine. The trail will be from near Glacier lodge, 7800 foot elevation, up the north fork of Big Pine Creek past the 2nd falls. The first night’s camp location will be be between 1st & 5th Lakes. 1st Lake is roughly 3 miles from where the packs are dumped (the driver gets to walk an additional 2 miles). 5th Lake is another 1.8 miles or so. Elevation gain will be 2300 - 3000 ft. Topos are "Big Pine" & "Mt. Goddard" (15’ series - check for new 7.5’ series).

Optional hikes in the area will be to visit the glacier (Palisade - the largest in the Sierra) and the higher lakes.

The permit for this activity limits us to 6 people; at this writing, there are 1 or 2 slots open. Leader confirmation is required. For a reservation or further information, contact leaders: Jack Cook, ph: 333-5214, E-Mail: JCook:El Segundo and Bruce Corning, ph: 333-3568, E-Mail: BCorning:LAX1B. Further details will be distributed only to the participants or upon request.