XEROX Mountaineering & Backpacking Club

Day Hike/Backpack Cedar Flats, San Gabriel Mtns Sat - Sun, June 9 - 10, 1990

What: Day hike or Backpack (You choose)

Depart: Sat, June 9; 9:30 AM

Return: Hikers - Sat, 1 to 5 pm depending upon optional hiking.

Backpackers - Sun, noon to 5 pm, as desired.

Statistics: Rating Moderate to camp; elevation gain and loss 1400 ft; 5 miles round trip. Elevation at camp is 6400 ft.

Topo Maps: Telegraph Peak, Cucamonga Peak, Mt Baldy

Reference: Trails of the Angeles, John Robinson, Trip #96 (Cedar Flats not mentioned but the "high route" on the Chapman Trail goes through it.)

Bring: Ten essentials as always. Backpackers need boots, warm clothing, no matter how hot it is down below. Backpacking stoves; no open fires. Contact me if you need advice.

Miscellany: You must write or call the leader if you plan to come. Let me know if you need a ride. Rain anytime after Friday morning will cancel outing.

Route and Highlights

Cedar Flats, also known as Cedar Glen, is located near the head of Cedar Canyon, an offshoot of Ice House Canyon, which is itself an offshoot of the big San Antonio Canyon above the Pomona/Upland area and below Mt Baldy. The hike proceeds from the Ice House Parking lot, past the burned out Lodge and up Ice House Canyon. About a mile up, after passing a number of cabins and foundations of cabins burned in the last forest fire, we turn left onto the Chapman Trail (signed "7W07"). This trail enters Cedar Canyon; higher up, the devastation from the forest fire becomes more apparent but also, the recovery that has taken place in the last few years, is amazing, although it will be a great many years before big Cedars again forest the area. In a little over a mile, we reach Cedar Springs. this is where we will get our water. Another quarter mile and we are at Cedar Flats. Here, there are still big trees as the fire luckily skipped around the area.

We will enjoy lunch at the flats. Backpackers can set up camp and then we’ll decide on further optional hiking such as the Ice House Saddle, etc. The day hikers can either return the way they came or join us for more hiking.

Driving Details

East on Interstate 10 to eastern edge of Pomona. Exit north onto Indian Hill Blvd. Continue through town of Claremont, past Foothill Blvd, to Baseline. Turn right (E). Continue to Padua Blvd. and turn left (N). North to stop sign at Mt Baldy Rd. and turn right (E). This takes you into San Antonio Canyon. Stay on this road past the tunnels and Mt Baldy Village. Continue to where the main highway makes an almost 90 degree left turn and a road continues on straight. Stay right (or straight) and drive on into the Ice House Canyon parking lot and find a place to park.

Leader: Jack Cook – work: (213)333-5214 home: (213)371-2706 E-Mail: JCook:el Segundo. Note: I expect to be in Hemet (Xerox) the week preceeding; either call me there, (714)927-5344, or call Jeanne Agena, 333-6227, who will help coordinate.