Xerox Mountaineering and Backpacking Club

Backpack to Henninger Flat May 7 and 8, 1988

Meet at the trailhead on Saturday, May 7 at 9:30 AM.

Directions: Take either the 210 freeway or Colorado blvd in Pasadena to Allen Ave. ( There does not appear to be an off-ramp at Allen from the 210; the off-ramps are not clearly marked on the map, so fake it). Go north on Allen until it turns into Pinecrest Drive. Follow Pinecrest around (it makes several curves and turns) until you get to the gate at the entrance to the old Mount Wilson Toll Road ( the gate is clearly marked). Park on the street and meet at the gate at 9:30 AM.

Backpack: 3 Miles one way, 1400 foot elevation gain. Dirt road.

Topographical Map: Mount Wilson, 7.5 í Quad

Equipment: Contact leaders for specific advise. Some rentals are available at the shops. Or share with somone. Or borrow. But donít spend much money, yet!

Group size is limited. Contact a leader to get on the backpack list.

Leader: Bruce Corning (BCorning:ES M8)W: 333-4682H: 645-3764

Asst. Leader: Ed Keller ( not on Net)W: 370-4328H: 542-2044

Asst. Leader: Jack Cook (JCook:El Segundo)W: 333-5214H: 371-2706

Attachments: Two maps and an equipment checklist.