Little Lakes Valley Xerox Mountaineering & Backpacking Club

in the Inyo National Forest, Upper Rock Creek area of the High Sierras

Friday, August 24 through Sunday August 26,

Brief: Moderately easy, 8 mile roundtrip, 660 feet elevation gain.

What: This is relaxed backpack in the Eastern Sierra through Little Lakes Valley. The trip begins at the highest trailhead in the Sierras at 10,220 feet. Gem Lakes are at about 10880 ft. and are surrounded by mountains that exceed 12,000 feet. The trail follows the path of an old mine road that was abandoned years ago. Saturday there will be a choice of activities, you can stay at the camp, hike around the lake and discover natural springs, wildflowers, and much much more. Activities can include a short hike over Morgan Pass (11100 +/-) , scramble up to Treasure lakes or even a little fishing. The other side of the pass looks down into the Morgan Lakes and the tungsten mine. Sunday we will pack up mid-day and be back at the trailhead by 2 or 3 in the afternoon.

Where: Little Lakes Valley is located in the North Eastern area of the Sierra Mountains. Excellent campsites are available at Gem Lakes..

When: Friday August 24. It is recommended that you drive to the trailhead the night before to acclimate to the altitude.

Who: This is rated as a moderately easy hike, the moderate indication is because of the altitude of the trip. The pace will be slow so I recommend this 8 mile roundtrip for just about everyone. However, there is a 8 person limit so approval is required by the leader by Aug. 11. Those already on the list please reconfirm. Dogs are permitted in the National Forest.

Warning: If you have never been on a backpack then you must have the equipment checked by the leader. You must also be aware of the adverse affects that can result from high altitude climbing, please call the leader if you have concerns or questions.

Equipment: Raingear, good boots, and warm clothes are essential. Sunglasses, a sunscreen (factor 10 or more), a hat and insect repellent are advisable. Campfires are not permitted in Little Lakes Valley ; portable gas stoves are recommended. A California State Fishing License is required for fishing.

Weather: The weather can be unpredictable. The daytime temperatures can range from mid 60ís to mid 80ís. The evening temperature drops quickly as the sun sets. The temperature can go as low as 28 to 30 degrees.

Car Pooling: Call Pete.

Topo Map: Mt Abbot 7.5 or 15í and Mt Morgan 7.5í or Mt Tom 15í.

Directions: Follow the 5 Freeway to the 14 Freeway (Antelope Valley) North. Follow the 14 through Mojave. The 14 varies between a four lane highway to a two lane highway. Near China Lake the 14 ends and U.S. 395 begins. Stay on 395 through Bishop, approximately 24 miles north of Bishop is Tomís Place. In Tomís Place turn south onto Rock Creek Road, a sign indicates Rock Creek Lake. Follow this road for approximately 11 miles to the trailhead parking area. Allow yourself 6-7 hours driving time from the southbay area. Tomís Place is roughly 225 miles from the 5 Freeway and 14 Highway intersection. There is a small store at Rock Creek Lake. You can get small items and fishing stuff here. The also have a small counter with coffee and some food.

Questions? Call: Pete McAfee - work: (213)333-5456 or home: (818)333-5456. e-Mail: <mcafee:el segundo>

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