Catalina Island Camp-out Saturday & Sunday, April 8 - 9, 1989

This trip is basically a car camp without cars, or should we call it a boat camp?! Leave early Saturday morning by boat from San Pedro to Two Harbors, which is approx. 12 miles NW of Avalon on the Channel side of Catalina Island. We will be staying overnight at Little Fishermanís Cove Campground, which is 0.25 miles from where the boat docks. No further hiking is necesary on this trip, but some hiking will be planned. Return to the mainland on Sunday evening.

DETAILS: The boat leaves San Pedro on Saturday, April 8th at 5:30 am. All campers must be at the dock at 5:00 am AT THE LATEST!

Take the Harbor Freeway, south, exit the freeway at Harbor Blvd. - straight thru the light is the parking area for the Catalina Air and Sea Terminal. We will arrive at Two Harbors at 7:00 am.. For the return trip, the boat leaves Two Harbors on Sunday, April 9th at 6:30 pm.. The cost of the boat trip is $25.14 and the campground fee is $5.00 per person.

COST AND RESERVATIONS: There are 28 openings for this trip. For reservations, a check for (# of persons) X 30.14 must be in Jack Cookís or Beth Eppersonís or my hands by March 22, 1989, make checks payable to Xerox Mountaineering & Backpacking Club or XMBC. In case the 28 openings are exceeded, PREFERENCE WILL BE GIVEN TO XMBC MEMBERS FIRST! Otherwise, it will be on a first $$$ received basis. Send check and list of persons either to:

Jack Cook, ESAE-324

Ed Keller

2201 Gates Ave., apt. 4

Redondo Beach, CA 90278

Refund of the boat cost is 100% by April 5th, 50% after that. The camp fee may not be refundable.

EQUIPMENT: 50 lbs max per person, peices must be less than 18" X 18" in two directions. Backpacks are OK. Any kind of flammable liquid or gas is prohibited on the boat. Fuel for stoves can be pruchased at Two Harbors. Otherwise, bring normal backpacking equipment.

LEADERS: Ed Keller (213) 542-2044 day or evening

Jack Cook (213) 371-2706 - home 333-5214 - work



Added notes: Some notes to add to Edís followup flyer. Please pass this on to those not on electronic distribution.


1. Iíve been reminded of this at least 3 times now, but we neglected to get it into the general information. Everyone should be aware of the possibility of sea-sickness occurring on the 2 hour boat ride. A good case of sea-sickness can really ruin your day. I have no personal experience with what does or doesnít work (or what the side-effects are) so Iíll quote the following.


"I'd like to recommend that everyone going to Catalina pick up something like Marizine(sp?) or Dramamine for motion sickness, unless they've got good sea legs. ... went to Catalina last August and managed to only get a little queasy, but there were a lot of sick people in the restrooms. I imagine that the ocean will be a lot more turbulent this time of year."


Check with your friendly pharmacist. If anyone has further information on the subject, feel free to copy this distribution.


2. A question came up regarding the possibility of fishing. Ed called this morning and verified that people can fish from the beach (saltwater, obviously) near the campground. Supposedly, itís "possible to catch halibut & bass". Donít know about special facilities for cleaning, etc.


3. Be aware that there can be extremely heavy dew when camping this close to the ocean. If you arenít careful, you can end up with thoroughly wet equpment, including your sleeping bag, without a drop of rain falling. This is from outside humidity, not inside as we are accustomed to in the mountains. Use tents, tarps or other precautions.


4-April-89 (Tuesday) 13:56:07 PDT

Ed has confirmed that liquid fuel (ie, white gas) stoves are technically not allowed on the boat - even if empty! A careful reading (thanks, Sandy) of the regulations, states that butane/propane stoves are allowed without the fuel cannisters; however, the other stoves are not - period.


Thatís a problem for many of us.


I just checked with Two Harborís General Store: they carry Bluet (equiv), Primus, and Roberts brands of butane (the latter is the disconnectable type, I think); both small sizes of propane cannisters; and Blazo fuel (white gas).


The woman who answered the phone acknowledged the rule about carrying white gas stoves and simply said, "we carry the fuel anyhow". She also said that camp stoves are available for rental at the campground.


A quick survey: Who has butane stoves who would be willing to share them?


More later,



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