Catalina Island Camp-out Friday-Sunday, 11-13 May 1990


This trip is basically a car camp without cars. We'll leave Friday evening 11 May by the 6:30 PM boat from San Pedro to Two Harbors (approx. 12 miles NW of Avalon on the Channel side of Catalina Island). Pick up your ticket from me at the terminal and be ready to board no later than 5:45. We'll be staying overnight at Little Fisherman's Cove Campground, which is 0.25 miles from where the boat docks.

There will be optional day hikes to Silver Peak (approx. 12 miles round trip, 1800' vertical gain) on Saturday and Little Harbor (12 miles round trip, 800' gain and loss each way) on Sunday. Optional return by van from Little Harbor cuts the distance in half. We'll return to the mainland Sunday evening on the 6:30 PM boat.

You can fish from the beach near the campground. Supposedly, it's possible to catch halibut & bass.

DRIVING: Take the Harbor Freeway south. Exit the freeway at Harbor Blvd. Straight through the light is the parking area for the Catalina Air and Sea Terminal. The boat ride takes approx. 2 hours. Bring Dramamine or similar medicine if you are susceptible to motion sickness.

COST AND RESERVATIONS: The cost of the boat trip is $27.70 and the campground fee is $6.00 per person per night. For reservations, a check for (# of persons) X $39.70 must be in Bruce Hamilton's hands by noon Friday 30 March 1990. Make checks payable to Bruce Hamilton (NOT to XMBC). Let me know whether or not you want to return from Little Harbor by van. Maximum cost would be $6.75/person, payable when you take the van. I might be able to get a group discount. If you want to take different boats, make your own boat reservations and just send me the campground money. Send a check and a list of persons to:

Bruce Hamilton

Xerox Corp.

830 S. Nash St. ESCN-101

El Segundo, CA 90245

No refunds should be expected if you later cancel. If we get at least 20 people, we get a small discount on the boat fare, and I'll refund $2.50/person.

EQUIPMENT: 50 lbs max per person; 2 pieces per person; pieces must be less than 18" X 18" in two directions. Backpacks are OK. Any kind of flammable liquid or gas or (even empty) gasoline stoves are prohibited on the boat. Propane stoves with no fuel are OK. Dew can be very heavy, so bring either a tent or something to cover your sleeping bag. Otherwise, bring normal backpacking equipment.

Two Harbor's General Store carries Bluet (equiv), Primus, and Roberts brands of butane (the latter is the disconnectable type, I think); both small sizes of propane cannisters; and Blazo fuel (white gas). Camp stoves are available for rental. If you don't want to cook, there's a little hamburger joint in Two Harbors.

LEADER: Bruce Hamilton work: 213/ 333-8075; home: 213/322-4602