Joshua Tree!

The perennial favorite event among XMBC members is back!

Come with us for a relaxing weekend in the desert from Friday November 6, 1987 to Sunday November 8, 1987. Get ready for a weekend of car camping, kicking back, and generally doing as you please. We’ll be rock climbing, hiking, practicing our navigation skills, playing Trivial Pursuit, flying kites, swapping stories, and who knows what else.

Bring: Sturdy shoes, warm and cold weather clothes, sun hats and sun screen, tent and sleeping gear, and water (Joshua Tree is DRY!). Camp stoves, lanterns, good food, and lounge chairs are welcome.

We’ll be meeting at the Indian Cove campground. Sorry, no RV hookups. Complete details and directions are available to interested parties.

Contact: Bruce Corning (213)333-4682 work, (213)645-3764 home; or

Jack Cook (213)333-5214 work, (213)371-2706 home.