Here’s another "hot dang cookin’" XMBC Outing!!!



For those who never had the dubious pleasure of attending one of Mick Herod’s cook-offs, this is where everyone brings one (or more) backpacking food means (usually dinners), commercial freeze-dried, supermarket combination, or home-made favorites and cooks them for everyone to taste test. All the dishes are put on a rating form so that afterwards, folks can express their respective pleasures/displeasures. Ratings might range from "Bear Repellent Discovery", "Where’s the nearest Toxic Substance Disposal Site?" or "Could eat this at Home if I really had to".

This can be quite educational for the strong stomached. If you’ve ever looked at some of the fancy names on all those foil packages at the backpacking shops and wondered what the stuff REALLY tastes like. This is the way to find out BEFORE hauling it over a 12,000 foot pass only to find out your leather belt tastes better.

It’s also a way to experiment with your own culinary creations and to get second opinions (you can carefully avoid tasting it yourself) - but beware, some people can get kinda rude.

We’ll hike in to the flats where there are picnic tables, water and bar-b-que pits. From the flat, is offered a scenic view of east San Gabriel valley. It is a moderate hike: 5.5 miles 1300’ elevation gain.


Saturday night, June 17th, 4:00 PM


Trail head is 2260 Pinecrest at Alta Dena. Take Frwy 210 east and get off at Sierra Madre exit towards the mountains, you are now on Alta Dena Dr. Pass Washington and NY streets and turn left on Crescent Drive. Pinecrest viers from Crescent Dr.

Thomas Guide book page 20 F4.


Your choice of a gastronomic-delight dinner, stove (call Din-Din leader), utencils, pots & pans!

Lugged sole boots or tennis shoes, one quart of water, flashlight!!!

You must bring your own Bromo-Seltzer!

Please call Leader(s) to list yourself as a participant or as a cancellation--so we can be on the look-out or not wait for you.


Dave Lake (H)818-708-0583 (W)213-333-8239


Jack Cook (W)213-333-5214 (H)213-371-2706

Additional Info:

There is a ranger station on the top of the mountain. The phone # is (818) 794-0675.

See You There