Lookout MountainXerox Mountaineering & Backpacking Club

at Sheep Mountain Wilderness Sunday, 4 June 1989

Brief: moderately vigorous 10 mile roundtrip, 2682 feet elevation gain.

What: This should be a fairly vigorous dayhike with good views of Mt. Baldy and the surrounding peaks of the San Gabriel Mountains. If itís a clear day you can also be able to view much of the LA area. Lookout mountain has a summit of 6,812 feet, (Mt Baldy has a summit of 10,064).

Where: Lookout Mountain is in the Southeatern corner of the Sheep Mountain Wilderness. It is northwest of Mt Baldy Village.

When: Sunday, June 4,1989. Meet at 8:30 am. Itís roughly an hour drive from El Segundo (appoximately 40 miles). We should return to the trailhead around 4:00. We can stop to eat after the hike in Mt. Baldy Village or down in one of the local towns.

Who: This is a fairly rough hike since the elevation gain is 2,682 feet in 5 miles. The pace will be moderate until we reach the final ascent at which time we will slow the pace. I would recommend this 10 mile roundtrip for individuals who have had some experience and/or to those who are in pretty good shape. Dogs are permitted on the trails but be prepared to remove ticks when you get them home.

Warning: Lots of Poison Oak on the sides of the trail, so be cautious if you wander off the trail. Also there are a lot of Yucca plants that have a tendancy to jump out and scratch you. There are other plants lurking along the trail that have stickers, pricklies and other goodies awaiting for some hiker with shorts on.

Bring: Lunch, water (minimum of 1 quart), sunglasses, camera, sun screen, and the remainder of the 10 essentials. Hiking boots are required for this hike. It may be chilly in the shaded areas so a windbreaker is recommended. There are toilets at the trailhead but after that itís bushes.

Weather: If it looks like itís going to be stormy or wet, weíll cancel. If it gets too windy or hot, weíll quit early. If you have doubts about the weather, give Beth or Jack a call Friday or Saturday morning before 7 am.

Car Pooling: Call either Beth or Jack to make arrangements.

Topo Map: Mt. Baldy and Mt. San Antonio Quadrangle, California, 7.5 minute series. Trail is not on the maps.

Directions: Follow the 10 Freeway (San Bernardino Freeway) East towards Pomona exit at Indian Hill Blvd and go north to Foothill Blvd and trurn east (right). Turn north (left on Mills Ave. Mills Ave. turns into Mt Baldy Road. You will stay on Mt. Baldy Road until till you reach the Mt Baldy Village. The Mt. Baldy Church will be on the left hand side, a restaurant is on the right and the Ranger Station is just beyond the Church. Parking will be at the Church parking lot.

Questions? Call: Beth Epperson - work: (213)333-2504 or Jack Cook - work: (213)533-5214 or home: (213)371-2706. e-Mail: <BEppe:ES XC15> or <JCook:El Segundo>.

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