Millard Canyon Xerox Mountaineering and Backpacking Club

at San Gabriel Mountains Saturday, February 8, 1992

Brief: There will be two hikes on this day, both leaving from the same general area. Hike # 1 is to Millard Canyon Falls, 1 mile round trip, 150 foot elevation gain. Hike # 2 is to Dawn Mine, 5 miles round trip, 1200 foot elevation gain. It is the leader's intention to do both. Participants may go on either or both hikes as they choose.

The plan is to meet at 9:00 AM for hike # 1, and at 11:00 AM for hike # 2. However, the leader will consider switching the hikes if people favor it. In this case, hike # 2 will leave at 9:00 AM and hike # 1 at about 2:00 PM. Participants will be notified if there is a change.

When: Saturday, February 8, 1992, at 9:00 AM.

Highlights: Hike # 1 will take us to Millard Canyon Falls. At 50 feet this is one of the highest waterfalls in the San Gabriel Mountains. During the winter and spring months a substantial amount of water flows over the falls and creates a pool at the bottom. The trail follows a shady canyon alongside a stream. This hike is very easy, and is intended for families and beginners as an introduction to hiking and to our club.

Hike # 2 is a little more difficult, but still no problem for experienced hikers. We will follow a different trail into Millard Canyon, above the falls. The goal is Dawn Mine, where gold was discovered in 1895. The mine was worked until the 1950's. All that remains now is some rusted machinery and a boarded-up tunnel. Beyond the first mile or so the trail deteriorates, and we will be boulder-hopping along the stream bottom until we reach the mine.

Weather: If there is rain or a threat of rain, the trip will be canceled. If in doubt, call the leader before 7:30 AM on Saturday. Otherwise expect clear but cool conditions. Canyons are generally windy places, and there is not much sunlight in narrow Millard Canyon in the winter.

Bring: Lunch, water, camera, sunglasses, hat, lug-soled boots for the Dawn Mine hike. Long pants and a jacket are recommended. The leader will have the ten essentials, which are recommended for all participants.

Notes: We will not be entering the mine tunnel, as it is dangerous. Be on the alert for poison oak. Boulder-hopping, if done carelessly, can result in serious cuts and bruises. Well-trained dogs are OK on both trails.

Driving directions: From the 210 (Foothill) Freeway in Pasadena, take the Lincoln Avenue exit. Proceed north on Lincoln about 2 miles, then turn right on Loma Alta Drive. After about 3/4 mile, turn left on Chaney Trail Drive. Follow Chaney Trail as it climbs steeply until you reach a 'Y' at the top of a ridge.

For hike # 1, turn left at the 'Y' and go down 1/2 mile to the parking lot at the Millard Canyon Picnic Area.

Hike # 2 will leave from the gate 200 yards to the right of the 'Y.' You may park here, or down at the picnic ground. Participants in both hikes will walk up from the picnic ground to meet people at the gate prior to hike # 2.

Allow at least 45 minutes driving time from the LAX area, longer if traffic is slow.

Reference: Robinson, "Trails of the Angeles," 1979 edition, hikes # 19 and 20.

Topo map: Pasadena, 7.5 minute quad.

Leader and contact: Bruce Corning. Home phone: (310) 416-9076. Work phone: (310) 333-3568. E-mail: BCorn:LAX1B. Please contact the leader if you plan to come, and specify which hike(s) you plan to participate in. Car pooling is encouraged.