Mt. Baldy Day Hike Xerox Mountaineering & Backpacking Club

at San Gabriel Mountains Saturday, 4 November 1989

Brief: 2 separate hikes:

Hike 1: Very Strenuous, 14 mile round trip, 5500 foot elevation gain (4500 to 10064).
Hike 2: Strenuous, 10 miles round trip, 4000 feet elevation gain (6100 to 10064).

What: There will be two separate but not equal hikes on this day - one being very strenuous, and the other merely strenuous. The two groups may run into each other on the top, but these hikes are separate, with separate leaders. The goal of each hike is to reach the summit of Mt. Baldy, also known by its official name of Mt. San Antonio.

Where: Mt. Baldy (or San Antonio if you prefer) is the highest point in Los Angeles County. It is located in the San Gabriel Mountains about 60 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, and due north of the city of Claremont. On clear days it may be seen from almost everywhere in the Los Angeles basin. It is capped with snow in winter. It is climbed by more people than any other mountain in the western United States.

When: For hike # 1, meet at 7:00 am at the trailhead. That’s right, 7:00 AM. We will need the early start. For hike # 2, meet at 8:00 AM at the trailhead. We will try to return to the cars before dark (about 5:30). Lunch will be on the summit. There might be a post hike gathering in Claremont.

Who: Hike # 1 is recommended for very strong hikers only--no beginners. Hike # 2 is also recommended for those in good condition, but less experienced hikers and well-mannered dogs and older children are welcome.

Please contact the leader in advance if you plan to come.

Bring: Lunch, water (at least 2 liters for hike # 2, 3 liters for hike # 1), sunglasses, sunscreen, camera, strong flashlight, and the remainder of the 10 essentials. Lug-soled boots are required. It may be cold and windy on top so a warm jacket or windbreaker and long pants are recommended.

Weather: If it looks like it’s going to be stormy or wet, we’ll cancel. If it gets too windy or cold, we’ll quit early. If you have doubts about the weather, give Bruce or Ed a call Friday.

Car Pooling: Call either Bruce or Ed to make arrangements.

Topo Map: Mt. San Antonio and Telegraph Peak quadrangles, California, 7.5 minute series.

Directions: Take the San Bernardino Freeway (I-10) east to the Indian Hill Blvd. exit in Claremont. Turn left onto Indian Hill and follow it about four miles to Baseline Road. Right on Baseline about one mile to Mills Ave. Left on Mills, past the houses, then right when the street leaves the developed areas. At the next stop sign continue straight ahead. Very quickly you will start climbing into the mountains. About 15 miles from the freeway you will enter Mt. Baldy Village.

For hike # 1, pass the Fire Station (on the left) and park in the Church parking lot (also on the left).

For hike # 2, continue past the village about three more miles until the road widens at Manker Flats and a sign indicates San Antonio Falls Road (which goes to the left). If you miss it, it's 1/2 mile down from the ski lift. Park along the road at this point.

Questions? For hike # 1 call Bruce Corning - work: (213)333-3568 or home (213)645-3764. For hike # 2 call Ed Keller - work: (213)302-7067 or home: (213) 542-2044. e-Mail: <BCorn:LAX1B>.

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