Day Hike to Oakwilde Camp

Where: San Gabriel Mountains, Arroyo Seco Trail

When: Saturday April 23, 1988. Meet at Trailhead 9:00 AM.

Classification: Moderate.

Topo Map: Pasadena.

Distance: Round trip 8 to 9 miles, depending on who you believe, 900 ft. elevation gain.

The hike: This is the lushest trail I’ve yet hiked as a member of XMBC. Shade is frequent and the trail follows a noisy, easily accessible creek.

The trail begins on the remains of a paved road that once led to a woodsy tourist resort built by J. R. Phillips in 1911. It is easy to scoff at the ’moderate’ classification for the first 2.5 to 3 miles. After that, the trail goes up on the side of the gorge to get around Brown Canyon Debris Dam and then travels the edge of the streambed.

The number of people on the trail varies inversely to the difficulty of the particular stretch, of course, with a fair amount of traffic on the first mile.

Getting there: To reach the trailhead, from the 210 freeway in Pasadena, take the Arroyo/Windsor offramp and go north approximately one mile to the area overlooking the JPL parking lot. Windsor veers to the right at this point and becomes Ventura. Park in the gravel turn-out just south of the gates.

If interested please contact me before Friday, April 22. Bad weather cancels.


· Small daypack or fanny pack to carry things.

· Boots or shoes that can stand getting wet (an old pair of running shoes is sufficient).

· At least one literof water (two is recommended) in a canteen or plastic bottle such as a large soft drink bottle.

· Lunch.

· Hat.

· Sunglasses and sunscreen of at least 15 SPF (i.e. not suntan lotion).

· If the weather is warm, then shorts and T shirts are OK but have a pair of long pants and a windbreaker ready just in case.

· Money for possible pizza bust.

· Camera.

The leader will have the ten essentials.

For more directions and further details contact:

Bruce Corning

Home (213)645-3764

Work (213)333-4682

(for those with electronic mail): BCorning:ES M8

Assistant leader:

Ed Keller

Home: (213)542-2044.