XEROX Mountaineering & Backpacking Club

Orchard Camp or Mt Wilson Dayhike March 10, 1990, Saturday

What: Orchard Camp-Moderate or Mt Wilson-Strenuous

When: March 10, 1990, Saturday - 8:30 AM

Statistics: Orchard Camp elevation gain (2000) ft; Camp at (3200) ft; (9) miles round trip.

Mt Wilson elevation gain (4500) ft; summit at (5700) ft; (15) miles round trip.

Route and highlights: Both hikes depart from the north edge of the small town of Sierra Madre and follow a good trail up Little Santa Anita Canyon to the site of an old resort (now gone) called Orchard Camp. Prior to the resort, some homesteaders had planted a small orchard; hence, the name. Another interesting bit of history is that the telescope for the first observatory on Mt. Wilson was hauled, piece by piece, up this trail.

For those going to the top, the trail then continues on another 4 miles and 2500 ft . At first the trail climbs out of the shaded canyon onto an exposed south facing ridge with a wide view of the city, and finally connects up with the old Toll Road for the last mile to the top.

The plan is for both groups to start together, but split at some time with one group stopping at Orchard Camp and the other continuing on to the top. (Since there is a road to the top of Wilson, another possible option is to drive up to the top and hike down, and for someone else to hike up and drive down. Either way you get to see the whole trail, one way.) Eventually we can all meet up again at a local restaurant to be determined.

Topo Map: Mt Wilson

Reference: Robinson's "Trails of the Angeles", Trips #39 and #40

Bring: "ten essentials", jackets, insect repellent, etc. Leader will have first-aid kit

Driving Details: From the South Bay, take the 110 north to the 5 north to the 2 north to the 210 east to Baldwin Avenue north in Sierra Madre. Drive approx. 2 miles north on Baldwin and turn right on Mira Monte Avenue.

Park near the junction of Mira Monte Ave. & Mt. Wilson Trail Drive in Sierra Madre, but not above that intersection since the Drive is a private road. (Sierra Madre is east of Pasadena & Altadena.) The plan is to start the hike at 8:30 am sharp, so please get there earlier to get boots on, etc. Allow
(1) hour driving time from the South Bay.

Leader: Bruce Hamilton. work: (213)333-8075. home: (213)322-4602. E-Mail: BHamilton:OSBU South

Assistant: Bob Cunha. work: ( 213) 333-7292. home: (213) 679-8554. E-Mail: REC:El Segundo

Miscellany: Write or call the leader with your plans so we can plan the necessary car pools and car shutt les. Bad weather will cancel.