Xerox Mountaineering & Backpacking Club

Bear Canyon Trail to Sitton Peak Dayhike March 12, 1994

What: Dayhike - Santa Ana Mtns, Riverside County

When: Saturday, 12 March, 1994, 9:30 AM

Statistics: Rating Easy with Moderate option. elevation gain 700 (1300) ft; summit 3273 feet (optional); 5.1 (10.4) miles round trip. Childern above age 10 with parent(s) are welcome on this hike or contact leader for advice.

Route and highlights: The wildflowers of the region may be ready to peak for the year!

The Bear Canyon Trail climbs through gentle brush and meadow country, passes Pigeon Springs, and arrives at Four Corners, a meeting place of several major hiking trails that tour the southern Santa Anas. Pigeon Springs is about our halfway point, in a handsome oak glen. This is where some may want to rest, while the remainder of the group continues on for the Peak. The trail crosses a "seasonal stream", so be sure youíve got a change of footwear.

After about 2 more miles of truck trails, the peak is supposedly accessible by scrambling up some rocky outcroppings. From there, on a clear day, there are superb views of the twin peaks of Old Saddleback (Mount Modjes and Mount Santiago), Mount San Gorgonio and Mount San Jacinto, Catalina, and the wide Pacific.

Orienteering option: Since the first mile or so of this trail is not on the topo, budding mapmakers might like to try their hand at determining where the trail is, and try sketching it in. (Photocopies of the appropriate section will be available for doodling.)

Topo Map: Sitton Peak

Reference: John McKinney ("Day Hikerís Guide to Southern California") Hike #28.

Bring: 10 essentials, camera, food, 1-3 quarts of water per person.

Miscellany: Write or call the leader if you plan to come. Let me know if you need a ride or can offer a ride. Leader can take 4-5 passengers at 7:30 AM from the Xerox A&E parking lot. Bad weather will cancel. Dogs on leashes are permitted.

As with most choice hiking areas in southern California, we may need to share the area with other critters, including rattlesnakes. This simply means you should be alert, keep your eyes open and donít step or put your hands where you canít see; children & dogs must be monitored. The leader will discuss basic precautions before the start of the hike.

Driving Details: Take the Ortega Highway from the San Diego Freeway at San Juan Capistrano. Drive East 19 1/2 miles to the paved parking area across from the Ortega Oaks store. The store is just about 1/2 mile past the "Upper San Juan Campground", and you really cannot miss it. The parking lot entrance is just across the street from the store.

The Bear Canyon trail head is on the same side of the road as the store, starting out about 100 yards west of the store. The trail takes off Southward and upward from the highway.

Allow 1 1/2 hours driving time from the South Bay. Be at trail head by 9:30 am.

Leader: Jack Cook, Work 310/333-5214, Home: 310/371-2706. E-Mail: "JCook:el segundo:Xerox" or "JCook.el_segundo@Xerox.COM" from outside Xerox