Day Hike in Big Santa Anita Canyon

When: Saturday, July 25, 1987. Meet at Trailhead 8:30 AM

Where: San Gabriel Mountains, Big Santa Anita Canyon to Sturtevant Falls

Classification: Easy to moderate

Topo Map: Mt. Wilson

Distance: 3 miles round trip to the falls, 8 miles round trip to Spruce Grove Trail Camp

The hike: This trip presents two options. Those who are looking for an easy stroll may travel as far as Sturtevant Falls and then turn around. The hardier members of the group may continue on to Spruce Grove Trail Camp, a significantly longer hike.

After dropping sharply into Big Santa Anita Canyon, the trail passes several cabins, summer homes for the wealthy. Much of the hike to the falls is in shade, alongside a stream--a very pleasant area. There are lots of places to sit down and enjoy the surroundings.

Sturtevant Falls is the highest falls in the San Gabriel Mountains--about fifty feet. In wet years the cascade is something to behold and the pool at the base is deep enough to swim in. Such is probably not the case this time because of the dry winter, but there should still be water flowing over the falls. This is a very popular picnic spot.

Above the falls is the domain of the hiker. There are fewer people and the trail is somewhat steeper. The trip is still in the bottom of the canyon, tree-shaded and alongside the stream until we reach Spruce Grove Trail Camp, which is primitively developed with tables.

Getting there: To reach the trailhead, from the 10 (San Bernardino) freeway, take the Santa Anita Ave. offramp and go north all the way until the road dead-ends at Chantry Flats, about ten miles. The last few miles are on a narrow winding road. Park in the large parking lot. The lot gets crowded, so try to arrive early.

If interested, please contact me before Friday, July 24. Bad weather cancels.

Bring: Ten essentials, boot or shoes that can stand some water, lunch, potable water. It will probably be warm, so bring sun protection.

For more directions and further details contact:

Bruce Corning

(213)606-0682 work

(213) 645-3764 home