Vetter Mountain Lookout A Day Hike 25 September1988

What: An easy day hike to visit a Forest Service lookout tower which should still be manned (unless my information is too far out of date). This is an "exploratory" only because I have no first-hand knowledge of the hike as described in Robinson’s guide.

Where: Back range of the San Gabriel Mountains reached by the Angeles Crest Highway.

When: Sunday, 25 September 1988. Start 10:30 am. Return noon to early afternoon. Note that this is Sunday rather than the usual Saturday.

Statistics: Easy (At last!!); 2 miles RT; 400 ft elev. gain.

Map: "Chilao Flat" Topo.

Roadhead Instructions: Drive up the Angeles Crest Highway to Charlton Flat, 24 miles from La Canada. Turn left onto the Charlton Flat Picnic Area; follow the upper road (far left) to the locked gate at the beginning of the Vetter Lookout access road. Park here. Take care NOT to block the gate!

Equipment & Preparation: Water, lunch (see below), wind-shirt/jacket. 10-Essentials if you have them. Running/tennis shoes or light boots are fine. Dogs should be ok.

Rather than carry a lunch or snack to eat on top while admiring the view, you can plan on having a picnic back at the picnic grounds. Or some may prefer to wait and enjoy a hot pizza or whatever down below. Your choice.

Trip Description: We’ll simply follow the dirt access road to the lookout (approximately west). An optional variation for the return hike will be to check out a longer trail route which goes to the picnic area, only crossing the dirt road. No cross-country travel.

From John Robinson’s "Trails of the Angeles" (Trip #54).

"Simply put, Vetter Mountain offers you maximum view for minimum effort. The fire lookout, perched on this prominent high point above Charlton Flat, affords a rewarding 360-degree panarama of the heartland of the San Gabriels. To the south, the dark summits of the front range, dominated by Strawberry and San Gabriel peaks, rise above smog-assaulted slopes. Eastward lies the rugged depression of the San Gabriel Wilderness, and the gray mass of Old Baldy looms on the distant skyline. To the north, beyond the pine flats of Charlton and Chilao, rise the backbone peaks of the range - Pacifico, Waterman, Twin Peaks, Williamson. Westward and southwestward, the ridgeline drops steeply into the trenches of Alder Creek and the Big Tujunga. All of this for a half-hour’s effort."

Questions, etc.: Feel free to call. As usual, I’d apreciate knowing who’s coming. I can help with car-pooling given enough notice. Obviously bad weather will cancel.

Leader: Jack Cook, W - 333-5214, H - 371-2706, E-Mail - JCook:El Segundo:Xerox



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