XEROX Mountaineering & Backpacking Club

Mt. Hollywood from the north Moonlight hike 10 December 1989

What: Spectacular 360-degree views of Glendale, the LA Zoo, downtown LA, the Hollywood sign, and Griffith Observatory just below. On a clear day, you can see all the way to PV, Catalina, and Santa Monica. Bring cameras, tripods, and lenses all the way from ultra-wide to telephoto.

When: Sunday 10 December 1989. Leave the South Bay by 2:30. We'll MEET AT 3:15 at the upper parking lot for the merry-go-round in Griffith Park and take off NO LATER than 3:30. We will not wait for stragglers, because we want to see the sun set from the top.

Statistics: Rating Moderate. elevation gain approx. 800 ft; summit 1650 ft; approx. 6 miles round trip.

Route and highlights: Just take the bridle path west a few hundred feet until you hit a dirt road uphill to the left. Keep going uphill whenyou reach a fork. About halfway up you hit about 2/10 mile of paved road. Take it uphill to the right, then take the next dirt road to the left (sign says #16), then continue at road #39 uphill to the left. Summary: you wind around a lot, but just keeping going uphill!

Topo Maps: Hollywood; Burbank

Reference: McAuley, "Hiking Trails of the Santa Monica Mountains". Our hike is not in McAuley, but sort of connects his hikes #58 and #59.

Bring: 10 essentials; especially: WARM CLOTHING: you'll probably want to strip down to a T-shirt for the hike up, but for the 20 minutes or so on top, you'll want a HEAVY SWEATER OR PARKA for the dark 55-degree temperature with 20mph winds. Also, if it's cloudy, have rain gear. Good running shoes should suffice; we'll be on excellent (but sometimes steep) fire roads. 1 qt. of water/person. Flashlight (but it's more fun for everybody if we try to avoid using them). Leave your hat and sunscreen; we'll be in shade except for maybe five minutes at the top. Leader will have first-aid kit.

Driving Details: Take the 110 N through downtown to the 5 N (the left exit just past the tunnels) to the "Griffith Park" exit (just past Los Feliz) and then follow the little "merry-go-round" signs: Take a right at the end of the ramp. Take a left at the next stop sign. Drive THROUGH the first parking lot and on to the end of the second parking lot.

Dinner: Post-hike, let's meet at Shakey's in Glendale. Take Los Feliz east then Glendale Ave. north for a few blocks. Shakey's is on the west side of Glendale Ave.

You'll be home by about 8:00 pm.

Leader: Bruce Hamilton work: (213)333-8075. home: (213)322-4602. E-Mail: Hamilton:OSBU South

Write or call me if you plan to come. Let me if you need a ride or can offer a ride. Rain will cancel.