Meet at the End-of-the-Road Parking Lot - 8:30 AM

*Alternate weather/snow date - March 2, 1991 (contact leader)

GENERAL: The Mt. Pinos area is open to the public and no permits are required for entry. Many people use this area for day-only skiing, tobogganing, etc., and the parking lot fills up fast - hence the early start time. Late comers may have to park miles down the road, where other trails may be taken. This outing will take the trail from the dead-end parking lot to the Bowl Area. Mt. Pinos is 8826 feet in elevation; most of the skiing is done above 8000 feet.

HOW TO GET THERE: Drive approx. 100 miles north from the South Bay Area along highway 5 towards Bakersfield. Pass Gorman, and in a few miles take the Frazier Park turnoff and head west. From here it's approx 15 miles to the road end. Driving time - 2 hours.

SKI RENTALS: Skis, boots, and poles, all cross-country type, can be rented at many places in the South Bay; ie, REI, Pat's, etc. They can also be rented near Mt. Pinos at the Frazier Ski and Pack for about $10.00 a set (last year’s cost), which I find most convenient. After the Frazier Park turnoff turn right at the flashing light, then left - the rentals are on the left side (805-245-3438). Allow an extra half hour if you are getting your equipment here. Be sure to check equipment condition & fit before leaving the shop!

WEATHER: The trip will BE CANCELED IN CASE OF BAD WEATHER, call if in doubt. The daytime temperature should be around 40 deg F., and it can seem quite warm if the sun is out and there is no wind. HOWEVER, it can get cold fast without the sun, so be prepared for winter conditions.

DRIVING: The road to the parking lot should be quite clear unless there has been a recent storm. Bring chains.

RESERVATIONS & CAR-POOLS: Trip reservations are not required, but I would like to have an idea as to who is going, so please contact a leader if you plan to go. The leaders will coordinate car-pools - contact us if you need a ride or can drive someone.

OTHER EQUIPMENT: Required are: Winter clothing such as parka, sweater, gloves, warm hat, heavy socks, etc. Also required are sun glasses or goggles, sunscreen, quart of water minimum, lunch, and the remainder of the 10 essentials. Recommended are: gaiters, tissue paper, camera.

CONTACT: Leader: Ed Keller Wk: (213)524-7067 or (619)597-3769, Hm: (213)542-2044, No E-Mail.

or Jack Cook Wk: (213)333-5214, Hm: (213)371-2706, E-Mail: JCook:El Segundo:Xerox